Tiefburg Handschuhsheim

Dossenheimer Landstraße 6,  69121 Heidelberg

The Tiefburg or also called Burg Handschuhsheim is a ruined moated castle from the Middle Ages located in the Heidelberg district of Handschuhsheim.

It was once surrounded by a moat which was fed by the mill stream. At the north-east corner of the site the walled up tributary is still visible today.

In former times the castle was the ancestral seat of the lords of Handschuhsheim, in 1624 the castle passed to the lords of Helmstatt. The Thirty Years' War up to the Palatinate War of Succession, as well as repeated burns, meant that the castle was destroyed and became uninhabitable in 1674.

From 1911 to 1913 the owner Raban Graf von Helmstatt renovated the Tiefburg and made the residential building usable again. After being rented out to various citizens, the castle became a youth hostel in 1921. In 1950 the city of Heidelberg acquired the castle and handed over the property to the district association Handschuhsheim.

At present, the Tiefburg archive in the Tiefburg is closed until further notice.

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