Tiefenhäuserner Moor in Höchenschwand-Tiefenäusern

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The Tiefenhäuserner Moor is a small glacial tongue basin and surrounded by a moraine. It is a typical raised bog which goes over the edge at some points in a fen.

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It is located about 1.2 km above the hamlet Tiefenhäusern west of the B500 to 920 meters above sea level and covers an area of 4.7 hectares. In 1951 it was declared a nature reserve.

In earlier times - most recently during the World War 1914/18 and sporadically until 1950 - were cut there by the farmers peat.

Rich and interesting in all seasons is the plant life of the moor. A special feature is the " carnivorous " sundew.

The legend for "Tiefenhäuserner Moor"

The water holes - the " pools " in the bog and the frequent white fog in spring and autumn rain easily the imagination an. Here had once stood on the site of today Tiefenhäuserner Moores a monastery, which should be sunk mysteriously overnight in depth. Since then, they say, go there at midnight three white veiled nuns around, spit in the face late repatriates, frighten passing by couples in love and then disappear with a loud wailing again in the bog. Sometimes you see a white lady from the bog rise, walk down the street and then disappear. This as a mystery to have observed a freight Fuhrmann.

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