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Waldfreibad Höchenschwand - Häusern

Umgehungsstraße 9,  79862 Höchenschwand

Mermaids and water lovers enjoy water fun in any weather during the summer season in the forest pool Hochenschwand - Häusern.

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The Waldfreibad Häusern / Höchenschwand is idyllically situated in a wooded area on the B500 between Häusern and Höchenschwand . Since 2005 , the association strives "Friends of the Forest lido eV " to get the bathroom for the region and operate.

Fun for young and old guarantees 50 x 17.5 m swimming pool with paddling area and pool connected to the heated sun room. Children slide , children's pool , play area for the little ones , table tennis , beach volleyball and a large sunny lawn with shady squares complete the offer of the ideal family bath. Opportunity to strengthen provides the snack area . Free parking spaces are available . For bathers with mobility problems , a multi-function room, which can optionally be used by both sexes , installed.

Directions: The outdoor pool is between Höchenschwand and Häusern and is easily accessible via the B 500 . There are bus and bicycle walkways to the bathroom.

The Waldfreibad 2014 opens its doors to the to swim for club members on Wednesday, 28th May at 17.00 clock.

As of Thursday, 29th May, the bath is then open daily from 10-19 o'clock. When it rains, are the opening times of 14-17 o'clock.

Special event this year is the night swimming on Saturday, 28th June 2014.


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