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Kirchweg 2,  79268 Bötzingen

We focus on the essentials - good wine.This principle is also reflected in our appearance and thus distinguishes Zimmerlin from most conventional competitors.

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Expertise - Passion - ValueThe character of a good wine is shaped by grape variety and vintage, sun and rain, wind and weather, soil type and slope and the devoted caring hand of the people who work in a winery.Weingut Zimmerlin has set itself the goal of making clear, expressive, individual wines with fruit, structure and elegance.To achieve this goal again and again, we renounce all unnecessary interventions that stress and alienate the wine. This includes environmentally friendly cultivation - we want to produce the wine quality already directly in the vineyard -, the extensive renunciation of technical aids such as synthetic aids, slow fermentation, often with natural yeasts in small containers, as well as a conscious limitation of yields per hectare. "New ideas in winemaking and consistent striving for quality" - we want to measure ourselves against this claim again and again.Our focus is on our Burgundy wines, whose first-class quality we not only want to maintain, but constantly refine.Strict criteria in cultivation and harvest:The quality of the wine begins on the vine. In viticulture, we rely on environmentally friendly cultivation, fully ripened grapes and strict selection during the grape harvest.Utmost care in winemaking:During vinification, we pay attention to aroma-preserving working methods. In particular, a slow, cool fermentation and a long rest on the fine lees vouch for the excellent quality of our fresh varietal wines.


"Enjoy - get to know "We organize wine tastings for 4 persons or more with or without Vesper and learn more about our philosophy.

Just call us and book your individual wine tasting in our house. By mail or by phone 07663 1296.Opening hours:

Mo. - Fr.: 9.00 - 13.00 o'clockand by appointment.

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