Außenansicht der Welt der Kristalle in Dietingen
Special museum

World of Crystals - Dietingen

Fronstraße 9,  78661 Dietingen

This crystal museum features what is surely the world‘s largest and most beautiful amethyst druze; an amethyst crystal volcanic  cave over 100 million years old; original 220-million-year-old trees from Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona; a wide range of unique petrified saurian and other large fossils, as well as impressive giant crystals of more than 3,000 kg from all over the world. All of this can be marveled throughout more than 1,300 m2 of exhibition space.

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There is a 20-minute documentary filmed by Mr. Alexander Müller himself on his travels to the regions of the finds in southern Brazil, providing visitors with a great deal of info about the country and its people, mines, extraction, and processing of minerals and crystals. As the museum motto says: Discover natural wonders, study the past, experience history, and leave with great memories. Natural wonders from all over the world can also acquired at in the museum shop.


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