Breisach am Rhein - Variety without borders

Breisach is situated in one of Germany´s warmest regions: On the banks of the riverRhinewhich is near the border to France, and close to Switzerland and the Black Forest.

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The Breisach cathedral: St.Stephansmünsteris known for the marvelous view, reaching from theRhineto theVosgesMountains in the west and theBlack Forestin the east.

The town of Breisach has a lively history of more than 3000 years.  The building of the famous cathedral of St.Stephan started at the end of the 12th century and was finished three centuries later.

The town was devasted twice in times of war in the year 1793 and 1945.

Leisure time:

Regional wines and sparkling wines can be tasted during a visit to Europe largest wine cellars called “Badischer Winzerkeller” or to the sparkling wine cellar “Geldermann”.

Breisachs list of entertainments containswine and other popular festivals, carnival, open-air theatre, concerts, art exhibitions, Christmas marketsand much more.

The museum of the town history has an impressive collection dating from the Stone Age to the present.

The “Unterstadt” (lower town) is the meeting point for shopping and taking a break in one of the many cozies cafés.

Cycling tours:

Also very popular is a walk or a cycling tour along the blanks of the RiverRhine.

Whether you want to make a sportive and ambitious tour or an unhurried tour with your family or a tour with your E-bike, you will find the tour that suits to you, because the region has a well- developed cycle path network (about 190 km).

Breisach is an ideal starting point for excursions to Freiburg, the Black Forest, Alsace and Switzerland.

Breisach is always a visit worth.

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