Neuenburg am Rhein

"The future is clearly on the Rhine"is the motto of this Zähringer-dynasty town of 12,500 inhabitants. Neuenburg is located at the centre of the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland, at the foot of the Southern Black Forest and only a kilometre from the River Rhine and the French border.

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The leisure park "Rhine Gardens", opened in the year 2015, offers relaxation and leisure possibilities close to nature on the river. Sunbathing lawns, a viewing platform and seating levels at the waterside invite you to while away the hours peacefully. The Rhine Gardens and large retention areas were created as flood protection measures. In 2022 it will be the setting for the State Garden Show.

With two bridges spanning the French border and numerous contacts with its French neighbours, Neuenburg am Rhein is a popular shopping destination for the Germans and the French.

Quality of life has always featured strongly in Neuenburg am Rhein.
It is known beyond national borders as a city of festivals, markets and the traditional Alemannic carnival.
Important events in the annual festival calendar are the Nepomuk Festival and the Neuenburger Summer Garden on the town hall square. Here the events programme is the main attraction. When the open-air concerts are held on mild summer evenings, the Mediterranean atmosphere puts the music lovers in a holiday mood. This atmosphere is also inviting for tourists.
120,000 overnight stays per year and the many day trippers from the local region and from Alsace and Switzerland are proof of this. Holidaymakers and visitors enjoy using the excellent cycle path network, the Rhine landscape, the Town History Museum and the cultural and culinary offerings. Whether you make a canoe trip or try your hand at gold panning, the Rhine also offers guests a variety of activities.

Neuenburg am Rhein is an attractive place to live with an urban buzz.

Like its sisters Bern, Bräunlingen, Burgdorf,Freiburg im Breisgau, Fribourg, Murten, Rheinfelden, St. Peter, Thun and Villingen, Neuenburg am Rhein was founded by the Zähringer dynasty. All these cities enjoy a lively exchange on many levels.

Neuenburg am Rhein is also a city with a glorious past. Founded around 1175 by Duke Berthold IV, the medieval Neuenburg am Rhein flowered as a Free Imperial City and won a political status of European significance. However waves of military destruction and devastating floods damaged the once magnificent city with ancient city gates and cathedral. Up to the time of the Second World War, the people of Neuenburg dealt with the successive blows of fate and worked to rebuild the town.
Today, the town is building on its historical traditions. A historical city tour and a fountain walk in the city centre invite you on a journey of discovery. The Town History Museum and the pilgrimage chapel of the Holy Cross, first mentioned in 1409, are further witnesses to the rich and turbulent history of the town steeped in Zähringer traditions.

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