Backhüs Café Rösch

Hauptstraße 27,  79359 Riegel

With traditional Frankfurter Kranz or Black Forest cake,

but also unusual sea buckthorn yogurt cream cake and a rich selection of cakes, the coffee table becomes an epicurean delight.

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The with heart and mind renovated and modernized parent house of the

Backhüs Café Rösch is also open for you on Sundays and holidays.

Its fresh and cozy ambience, the outdoor area and above all

finest baked goods attract guests from near and far. In the branch

Nimburg, the delicacies are offered every morning from Monday to Friday.


Owner Mirco Rösch himself is in the bakery every day, where he not only

where he not only produces the hearty, fragrant baked goods, but also trains the

but also trains the next generation. His partner Katrina Böcherer provides active support

assists actively with sales and scheduling.

The recipes used for the cake and pie variations offered daily have been handed down for generations.

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