klokke Anticafé Mannheim

Mittelstraße 19,  68169 Mannheim
Wohnzimmer, Arbeitsplatz, Lebens-Raum: das Anticafé Klokke ist mit seinem Konzept einzigartig in der Region.
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Living room, workplace, living space - the concept of the Anticafé Klokke in the Neckarstadt district is unique in the region. Here, you pay not for what you consume but for how long you spend in the café. Upon entering, every guest receives a stamp card that captures the time of arrival. Perfect if you are not in a rush. The longer you spend here, the cheaper the hourly rate becomes. And among the eight so-called klokke circles you are guaranteed to find like-minded people - from the working circle for networking to the mini circle for the little ones.

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