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Löwenpfad "Felsenrunde" - Marvelous views over the Fils valley


4:20 h
13.31 km
427 m
428 m


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Kurzer Qualitätsweg naturvergnügen

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4:20 h
13.31 km
427 m
428 m
Highest point
748 m
Lowest point
469 m

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scenic / geology / flora / culture

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76 % Nature trail
6 % Asphalt
16 % Gravel path
0 % Other

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by Landkreis Göppingen
Holger Bäuerle · Alle Rechte vorbehalten


The tour starts underneath the conservation area \u201cHausener Wand\u201d and leads to a meandering path through a dense beech forest, ascending to the Alb plateau. Once up there you will reach the observation point \u201cJungfraufelsen\u201d with a fantastic view of the Fils valley. The path to Hausener Eck follows along the Trauf rims. Extremely courageous people can enjoy a legendary view from those cliffs. Climbing abilities and being free from giddiness are requirements up there!<\/p>


Shortly after you will reach the highest point of the trail (751 metres), from where you will be able to see to the alps in good weather. Passing the village Oberb\u00f6hringen with its several restaurants and along the golf course heading to Ramsfels, a rock with a dreamy view of the three Emperor-Mountains. <\/p>


Following this you will be led downwards to the Schutzh\u00fctte at the \u201cDreim\u00e4nnersitz\u201d with a view of the town Geislingen an der Steige. Passing the Schiller Temple, the path leads through orchards and juniper heaths back to Bad \u00dcberkingen.<\/p>

The hike is especially recommended during spring with its blooming meadow orchards or during autumn with its colourful mixed woodland.<\/p>","endPoint":"Same as starting point","endPointToStartPoint":"","experience":5,"fauna":false,"fitness":4,"flora":true,"gear":"

Non-slip footwear is recommended.<\/p>","geology":true,"healthyClimate":false,"landscape":5,"literature":"A hiking brochure with all 16 lion trails from the Ave-Weg to the Weitblick-Tour, an overview map and tips on gastronomy and accommodation can be ordered from the Erlebnisregion Schw\u00e4bischer Albtrauf e.V.<\/a> and from the L\u00f6wenpfad-Website<\/a> using the respective contact form.","moreInformation":"

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