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Premium hiking trail "The Teinacher


4:30 h
11.82 km
489 m
495 m

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… to our hiking trail „Der Teinacher“ offering breathtaking views and taking you right into a rich and active past leading through picturesque valleys and unspoilt nature. Enjoy the spectacular nature and the exciting culture of the Black Forest Nature Park Central/North over a distance of 11.5 km.

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4:30 h
11.82 km
489 m
495 m
Highest point
604 m
Lowest point
370 m

Specifics of the tour

scenic / geology / culture / fauna

Path condition

58 % Nature trail
0 % Asphalt
39 % Gravel path
0 % Other

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A history filled with excitement, picturesque valleys, unspoilt nature – these are the characteristics of the premium trail „Der Teinacher“.

The tour starts at the outdoor-pool parking right at the entrance to the town of Bad Teinach. Just a few steps from there, on the Beerenweg, you will discover the beauty of nature and enjoy stunning views of the scenic Teinachtal valley.

Taking a short break at the Centennial Park Bench will remind you of the people having experienced cure of deseases in the Teinachtal for many years. Continue hiking through the Teinachtal for quite a while until you cross the brook over natural stepping stones and walk in the direction of the Mathildenanlage, representing a highlight of the gourmet trail. Accompanied by bizarre rock formations, dense forests and mystical places, this historical sight with resting places made of stone, known as the Mathildenstaffeln, leads up more than 600 steps to the Emberger Kopf.

The resting place of the Teinacher lookout was made from local timber. While taking a rest there, you can take a look at the bottling plant of the Bad Teinacher Mineralbrunnen GmbH mineral water.

From the Berghütte mountain hut you will already be able to catch a glimpse of the following destination, the impressive Zavelstein castle ruins, before reaching the fairy-tale part of this hike, the Wolfsschlucht gorge. The trail then ascends over sandstone steps to the ancient romantic town of Zavelstein with its charming castle ruins.

Back in the Teinachtal valley, you will be pleasantly surprised by the Adolfshöhe which had been built in a rather specific architectural style. Before returning to the starting point, enjoy tranquility, intact nature and the beauty of the landscape on a path leading directly along the Teinach brook. A quite demanding pleasure hike with a high level of enjoyment.

Author's recommendation

It is recommended to walk the premium trail in the described direction.

Refreshment stops:

Schloßberghütte Bad Teinach, Tel. 07053 290; Open from 11:00 a.m., Tuesday is a day of rest.

Hotel Berlins KroneLamm, Tel. 07053 92940


Suitable for children: yes

Suitable for baby carriages: no


The path is demanding, so good and sturdy footwear is highly advisable.

Safety information

The best time to hike is April to October, although the Matthildenstaffeln can be slippery all year round if it is wet.

After heavy rain, the path at the Devil's Bridge can also be under water for a short time.