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Wilderness Trail


3:00 h
3.5 km
75 m

The new “Wildnispfad” (wilderness path) hiking trail  in the highland of the Black Forest is a unique experience for everyone who wants to discover and experience forest wildlife.

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3:00 h
3.5 km
75 m
Highest point
810 m
Lowest point
755 m

Specifics of the tour

geology / fauna


Look forward to an outing with an extra dose of adventure!

The 3,5 km long narrow woodland path of the Wilderness Trail (Wildnisspfad) in the northern end of the National Park is a very special experience of nature.

Walkers should be surefooted and in good physical condition. As soon as you leave the "Plättig" information point be prepared to climb over rocks, upturned roots or thick tree trunks - and sometimes crawl underneath.

The best place to take a break is the Eagle´s Eyrie (Adlerhorst) which opened in 2017. Safe and secure you can rest and experience the world from the height of seven meters.

The name "Wilderness Trail" comes for a reason.

After a devastating storm destroyed a large proportion of the 150 year old trees in 1999, you can now experience how new life is sprouting from dead wood if it is left alone to develope.

The Black Forest National Park offers guided hikes along the Wildnispfad hiking trail in Baden-Baden, provided by national park rangers.

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Planning and arrival

Starting point

The Wilderness path is located directly at the Black Forest Highstreet (B500), starting point is at the Plättig.

Outgoing from Baden-Baden, the regional bus line 245 runs several times a day into the highlands. Get off at the bus stop Bühlerhöhe/Plättig.

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