SouthWest Germany: A hiking state of mind

Hike with all five senses

Ein Schnapsbrunnen in Sasbachwalden

Hiking is much more than exercise

Refresh your body, mind and soul

Hiking is trending! More than ever, we want to immerse ourselves in Mother Nature’s beauty and then enjoy her bounty at the end of the day. In the fresh clean air, exploring SouthWest Germany’s unspoiled landscapes offers a chance to escape from the pressures of everyday life and to refresh body, mind and soul. Our trails are clearly marked and well maintained, so a hiking holiday could not be more fun. Or more delicious!

Welcome to Hiking Trails for Foodies

Hiking Trails for Foodies are really a state of mind. Think of hiking while using all five senses. See unspoiled countryside. Touch ancient rocks and tree bark. Smell flowers and blossom. Hear birdsong, rushing streams and waterfalls. Taste great, local food along the way. Feel on top of the world!

That’s why we talk about ‘hiking for foodies’. SouthWest Germany’s cooking has always used produce that is fresh, local and organic. Stop at farmhouses for Vespers, the best picnic ever: farm cheeses, hams and sausages, home-baked breads, cakes and fruit. At the end of the day, relax in cosy inns and restaurants that offer traditional dishes, with local wines and beers.

Hiking Trails for Foodies are a great way to explore Germany’s sunniest region. Here are three of our favourites!

Hikes that make you happy! ☀

Hikes that make you happy! ☀